John Norton Loughborough, (1832-1924). Pioneer evangelist and administrator. Loughborough, an Adventist since his conversion at age 11, accepted the Sabbath and sanctuary messages September 1852 after hearing J. N. Andrews give a series of lectures in Rochester, NY. He was called to preach by Ellen White later that year. He traveled extensively with James and Ellen White in the 1850s (Michigan, Maine, and Vermont), and observed Ellen White having visions over 40 times. During that decade he also worked with M. E. Cornell in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, and with Joseph Bates in Ohio. He assisted the Whites with three “rebellions” from 1853 to 1865, the groups that published The Messenger of Truth, The Hope of Israel, and The Advent and Sabbath Advocate.
James and Ellen White consistently showed confidence in his abilities, though he received letters of reproof and counsel from Ellen from time to time. He pioneered the work in California with D. T. Bourdeau in 1868. By 1878 he was told by Ellen White, “You have an experience valuable to the cause of God. It must be made to tell for its full value.” For five years starting in 1878 he worked in Great Britain, then returned for seven more years in California.

In 1890 Ellen White wrote the General Conference president, “I say let Elder Loughborough do a work that is suffering to be done in the churches. . . . Let him go here and there, and everywhere, telling what he has seen, and known and handled in the rise of the third angel’s message.” (1888 716.3) That year he was asked by the GC Committee to write a denominational history, and The Rise and Progress of Seventh-day Adventists was published in 1892, revised in 1905 as The Great Second Advent Movement. He spoke at Ellen White’s Elmshaven funeral, addressing the spiritual value of her ministry and writings. In 1918 he wrote Some Individual Experience in response to charges against him of inaccuracies and deception in The Great Second Advent Movement. He died in 1924 at the age of 92.
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